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October 02, 2021

Jest is a Javascript Testing Framework. It focuses on simplicity according to their webpage. Jest integrates well with most popular frameworks and libraries. In this article we will create a simple Redux Store Middleware inside a WordPress Installation. Then write tests in Jest to test the implementation.

First, a WordPress REST API should be created to handle requests from the app. Then a Redux Store should be created using Redux Toolkit. We can create a redux store without Redux Toolkit. But we have to use a lot of boilerplate code. Middleware can be used to intercept the dispatched actions before reaching the store. Middleware can also dispatch additional actions if necessary. Let’s create 3 simple middleware. Finally, let’s write some tests with Jest for the store implementation.

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You Need a Website - UDSSL

September 28, 2021

The plugin initially released on November 03, 2013. Almost 8 years back. After few years, the plugin was closed due to some issues in the code. The code was fixed and submitted for a review.

One reason for the closure of the plugin was that all code should be compatible with GPL to be included in WordPress directory. The license under which the WordPress software is released is the GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation. One of the included libraries was not GPL compatible. So the library was replaced with Chart JS which is fully compatible with GPL.

Now the plugin is listed again in the Official WordPress Plugin Repository.

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You Need a Website - UDSSL

November 23, 2013

WordPress allows qualified plugins to be listed in WordPress Official Plugin Repository. UDSSL Time Tracker WordPress plugin helps you to track your time easily with an intuitive interface. You can easily track your time with a few clicks. Using presets you can track frequent tasks instantly. Once you setup your tasks, projects and categories, you only have to enter an optional description on how a particular time period is spent.

This plugin is translation ready which means you can translate this plugin into any language easily. All strings goes through PHP and WordPress localization functions to ensure the translated text is displayed. UDSSL Time Tracker comes with a payment tracker which allows you to keep a record of your earnings.

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You Need a Website - UDSSL
Libraries and Technologies

UDSSL Time Tracker uses several popular libraries and technologies to implement Time Tracker functionality. Backbone JS, Underscore JS, Twitter Bootstrap, Highcharts JS, Moment JS, etc.
November 13, 2013

You Need a Website - UDSSL
Database Table Structure

UDSSL Time Tracker stores data locally in your WordPress database. But inside a new set of tables. Five new tables will be created upon UDSSL Time Tracker plugin activation.
November 11, 2013

You Need a Website - UDSSL

UDSSL Time Tracker Backbone App communicates with UDSSL Time Tracker JSON API to realize time tracking. Learn about the hooks available for customization your API.
November 09, 2013

You Need a Website - UDSSL
Time Tracker Backbone JS App

Backbone JS and Underscore JS is used to implement Time Tracker Backbone JS App. This app is the front end of UDSSL Time Tracker. Read code samples used in the Time Tracker.
November 07, 2013

Backbone JS App

You Need a Website - UDSSL

November 03, 2013

SVN or Subversion is a popular version control system. Earlier we used GIT and hosted the code files on GitHub. In order to be listed on WordPress, we need to use the SVN repository provided by WordPress. Once the plugin is reviewed by the WordPress team manually, they will give the commit access to push the plugin to the repository. Then the plugin will automatically be listed in the plugin directory.

Once the email is received from the plugins@wordpress.com team, you will have access to your SVN within one hour. Now the UDSSL Time Tracker plugin is listed and publicly available. You can find the download link in this article.

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You Need a Website - UDSSL

November 01, 2013

Free and Open Source Software are often hosted at GitHub. UDSSL Time Tracker code is publicly available on GitHub. This article links to the initial commit of UDSSL Time Tracker Plugin. There were 91 files for this plugin intially. 'admin' directory contains all the admin interface code files. 'api' directory contains all the API related code files.

This plugin is translation ready. The relevant '.po' and '.mo' files can be found in 'languages' directory. You can either download the plugin from GitHub or WordPress Official Plugin Repository.

Plugin Approved - Read Article

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