Case Study - Komet Construction

Kamal contacted 'UDSSL' to create a website for his construction business. His company 'Komet Construction' specializes in small scale construction jobs.

UDSSL​ created a website for Kamal's company Komet Construction​. Read Kamal's story.

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Table of Contents

The case study is in story format. You can read about how Kamal came to 'UDSSL' to build his website. His experience with the website after creation is also discussed with pictures. Finally, a statement of UDSSL core values and a few appendices are listed.

1. Kamal comes to 'UDSSL'
2. 'Komet Construction' website
3. Visitors contact 'Komet Construction'
4. Kamal receives an email
5. Kamal monitors website traffic
6. Kamal updates his website himself
7. Suppliers website got renovated
8. Core Values at UDSSL
9. Appendix A Website customization options at Komet Construction
10. Appendix B Technologies used in creating Kamal's website
11. Appendix C 12 Service Agreement

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