Freelancer Payments From Skrill to Dialog eZ Cash

Around 2013, we were able to easily withdraw money using a Freelancer ATM card by Payoneer. The following image shows an illustration of the Payoneer Freelancer ATM card we used to withdraw money from any ATM in Sri Lanka. Now, this method doesn’t work anymore. Let’s discuss how we can withdraw money using Skrill, eZ Cash, and Commercial Bank.


Complete a Freelancer Project

Before withdrawing money, you need to complete a freelancer project. Let’s take an example project UDSSL recently completed. In this project, UDSSL had to use many features and functions of YouTube Data API. Read the description below to get an idea about the tasks to be completed in this project.


With the new Data API for YouTube, you can add their functionality to your website or web development project. You may upload, list, or play videos remotely. You may update channel settings. All via the API, programmatically.


The client had already used YouTube functionality with the existing setup. The freelancer had to tweak some features and introduce some new functionality. UDSSL can’t go further describing the project because NDA and IP agreements were signed for this project. You may visit the UDSSL project archive for completed project details.

3-UDSSL-YouTube-data-api-project client

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If the client doesn’t need to disclose their project details, they can ask the freelancer to sign a non-disclosure agreement before awarding the project. Signing a non-disclosure agreement prevents freelancers from sharing sensitive information pertaining to a particular project. It improves the secrecy of the clients’ work. Please see the image of a non-disclosure agreement below.


Intellectual Property Agreement

Suppose the project involves the intellectual property of the client. The client can request the freelancer to sign the intellectual property (IP) agreement as well. If the client has purchased IP from another and he does not want the freelancer or any other person/company to use their intellectual property then it is better to have an IP agreement signed. See below for such an agreement.


Freelancer Invoices

For each completed milestone in a project, you will be issued an invoice. The following is a sample of such invoices. There is a separate section in the freelancer financial dashboard where you can find all your invoices for internal and external clients.


The above invoice is what you as a freelancer issue to a client via Freelancer. If you have a membership subscription on Freelancer, you get a tax invoice after the payment. See the Freelancer Membership Subscription Invoice below.


Freelancer Financial Dashboard

As a freelancer, you can see all your transactions on Financial Dashboard. The finances section gives you an overview of your finances as a freelancer. Transaction History is your monitor for all the transactions that occurred inside Freelancer. Use ‘Verify Payment Method’ to verify your payment method. This is useful if you want a membership subscription before earning anything on the platform. The deposit funds section allows you to deposit funds so that you can pay to other freelancers get your work done as a client. ‘Withdraw Money’ section is discussed below.


Milestones Section:

The milestone section shows past and upcoming milestones. Milestones allow you to break the project into smaller parts. For each completed part you can negotiate payment. Then you don’t have to wait until the entire project is finished to receive a payment from the client. When freelancing always create milestones for each chunk of work you plan to work on. So that you can request to release the milestone once an area of work is completed.

Withdraw Money Section:

Once you have completed a project or milestone as a freelancer, you receive money from the client. You can submit a request to withdraw money to your preferred service provider. There are a couple of options when it comes to requesting a withdrawal.


  • Skrill: Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is the option we will discuss in this article.

There is a minimum threshold amount you can withdraw. For Freelancer, it is around 30USD. If your amount is less than 30, complete another project or complete another milestone to increase your balance.

Profile verification should be done, before withdrawing any funds as a freelancer. For identity verification, they will give you a code. You have to either print it or write it on paper and take a photograph of yourself holding the freelancer code. Once uploaded the identity proof with the National Identity Card, Driving License or Passport Freelancer staff will manually review and verify your identity as a freelancer.

The first withdrawal is delayed due to several reasons. You have to wait around 15 days after verifying your account as a freelancer. You and submit a withdrawal request after verification. But the payment processing will be delayed around 15 days for the very first withdrawal.

Skrill Sri Lanka

You can get the money in your Skrill account to your Dialog eZ Cash account. Even though Dialog is a mobile network operator in Sri Lanka, one of its subsidiaries eZ Cash handles mobile payment solutions. They have many foreign remittance methods. You can find out the available remittances via the following link from Dialog’s official website.


Link to Inward Remittances by eZ Cash

Then you can withdraw your money from any Commercial bank ATM in Sri Lanka. Dialog eZ Cash offers many methods to withdraw your money from an eZ Cash account. Withdrawing from a Commercial bank ATM is the easiest if you need cash in your hand. If you don’t need cash, you can easily pay bills with an eZ Cash wallet. If you use mobile data from Dialog, you can use the eZ Cash balance to reload or pay the bill.

Read the following page from Commercial Bank Official Website.

Link to Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka + eZ Cash


Summary and Next Steps

  • Sign up for a Freelancer account.
  • Bid on projects and get awarded.
  • Receive payment by successfully completing a project.
  • Verify your identity as a freelancer.
  • Create and connect Skrill to Freelancer
  • Connect Skrill to eZ Cash
  • Finally, withdraw cash from the Commercial bank ATM.


Written by UDSSL