Database Table Structure

UDSSL Time Tracker stores data locally in your WordPress Database. But inside a new set of tables. Five new tables will be created upon UDSSL Time Tracker plugin activation.

  • Time Table1
  • Category Table2
  • Project Table3
  • Task Table4
  • Freelancer Table5

See inc/class-udssl-tt-db-interface.php

     * Create Tables
    function create_tables(){

Time Table

Time Table stores timeslot data. Each of the row of Time Table is a time record. It records what has been done during a defined a time period.

FieldData TypeDescription
t_idINTTime slot ID. Unique number to identify the time record
t_startBIGINTStart time timestamp of the period
t_endBIGINTEnd time timestamp of the period
t_durationBIGINTDuration of the period in seconds
t_categoryVARCHARCategory of the Project
t_projectVARCHARProject of the Task
t_taskVARCHARTask related to the time slot
t_descriptionVARCHARDescription of the task
FieldData TypeDescription

Task, Project and Category Tables

Task Table stores the basic task information like ID, task name and task description. It also stored the project it belongs to. Further it stores whether the task is completed and the value of the task.

Project Table stores project id, name and description. Additionally it stores the category it belongs to and the project state (whether it is completed or not).

Category Table is the highest level in task, project, category classification. All projects should have one of the major category. Category table stores id, name, description and the state of the categories.

Freelancer Table

Freelancer Table stores your earnings for completing freelance tasks.

FieldData TypeDescription
idINTFreelance record ID
timeBIGINTTime spent completing the freelance task
categoryVARCHARCategory of the project
projectVARCHARProject of the Task
taskVARCHARFreelancer Task
paidBIGINTPaid amount for completing the task
chargesBIGINTCharges incurred for receiving the payment
effectiveBIGINTThe effective amount you earned by completing the task
FieldData TypeDescription

You can refer to the source php file to know exactly how these tables are created and data is populated.

See inc/class-udssl-tt-db-interface.php

Written by UDSSL