Frequently Asked Questions

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Does UDSSL Time Tracker come with sample data to get started?

Yes, sample data is automatically installed on plugin activation. Sample data installation is done after automatic table creation on activation.

What can be done with collected time data?

You can visualize your time data by charting them with UDSSL Time Tracker. It’ll help you to better understand how your time is precisely spent. You may even decide use the collected data in another application.

I’ve heard that UDSSL Time Tracker can track payments as well. Is that true?

True. UDSSL Time Tracker can be used to record your payments. You can track your time along with the payments you receive for your time. Use the Payment Tracking page to enter your payments and start tracking.

Can the JSON API be accessed as a visitor?

No, you should be logged in to use the JSON API. You may decide to open your time data to the world by allowing public access to JSON API through administration settings. You can use available hooks to fine tune access permissions.

How may hooks are available in UDSSL Time Tracker?

There are many. If you are a developer, please browse through the source files to discover the hooks. You may guess the relevant files and see whether there exists a hook that you can use to get done what you want.

Can you add a new feature that should be in any Time Tracker?

Yes, please let us know what you need to have in the next UDSSL Time Tracker version. We’ll try to add the feature you required.

Can this time tracker interface be translated to my language?

Please contact UDSSL for discuss the possibility of translating this plugin to your language. UDSSL Time Tracker currently supports Sinhalese and Tamil in addition to default English language.

Written by UDSSL