Application Programming Interface using Javascript Object Notation

UDSSL Time Tracker Backbone JS App communicates with JSON API manage your time data. JSON API is implemented with Native WordPress Functions. The API has Five endpoints for each of the data models, timeslot, category, project, task and payment.

  • udssl_tt_timeslot
  • udssl_tt_category
  • udssl_tt_project
  • udssl_tt_task
  • udssl_tt_payment

Tip: use POST to add new data and use GET to access the data.

Time Tracker JSON API Hooks

UDSSL Time Tracker makes available a number of hooks which you can use for your custom integration.

General Hooks

‘udssl_tt_api_request’ hook can be used to manipulate any API request.

Endpoint Specific Hooks

The following hooks can be used to hook into the relevant endpoint.

  • udssl_tt_timeslot_api
  • udssl_tt_category_api
  • udssl_tt_project_api
  • udssl_tt_task_api
  • udssl_tt_payment_api

Tip: See the source PHP files for more API and other hooks.

Written by UDSSL