Time Slot Presets

Time slot presets allow you to easily select the Category, Project and Task for a Time Period. You can optionally enter a description of the time being recorded.

Adding a New Preset

Enter your new preset Name, Category, Project and Task. Then click Save Preset.

Name is displayed in the front end as the preset identifier.

Add Edit Time Slot Preset

Editing an Existing Preset

Enter the exact Name you need to edit. This is important.

Enter the other details as you need them to be edited. Then click Save Preset.

Deleting a Preset

Your current presets are tabulated under Current Presets section of the preset admin page. Use Delete button of each of the preset row to delete the corresponding preset.

Delete Time Slot Preset

Adding a preset does NOT automatically add the relevant Category, Project and Task to the Time Tracker.

Tip: First add relevant Category, Project or Task to the system, if they are new. Then add a preset using the newly added components.

New presets will be available below the add timeslot button in the time tracker.

Newly Added Presets

Written by UDSSL