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UDSSL web design price list allows you to know where your money is spent when selecting a package. This price list also allows you to know the cost of adding a new feature to your existing package. If you add all the prices of the features of your package together, you might notice that the sum is greater than the package price. First, you should select a package according to your requirement and then add more features as you want them. Web design prices may vary over the time, we’ll let you know the changes by updating this price list.

Select the UDSSL Website Package according to your requirements. You can always start with UDSSL Basic Package and add features later as you require them. Use the contact page to request additional features.

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Item Number Feature Price (Rs.) UDSSL Basic UDSSL Business UDSSL Premium
10100 Domain Name 4,000 Free Free Free
10200 Web Hosting 6,000 Free Free Free
10300 Pages 2000 per page 4 10 60
10400 Website Setup 8,000 Free Free Free
10500 Additional Pages 2000 per page 2000 per page 1000 per page
20100 GMail.com Address 1,000 Free Free Free
20200 Domain Email Addresses (GSuite) * 10,000 per address X X 1 (First Year)
30100 Facebook Page 2,000 X Free Free
40100 Google+ Page 2,000 X Free Free
40200 Google Business Listing 2,000 X Free Free
40300 Google Map Listing 3,500 X Free Free
40400 Google Analytics 4,000 X X Free
40500 AdWords Integration 10,000 X X Free
40600 WordAds Integration ** 35,000 X Free Free
40700 WebMaster Tools Integration 10,000 Free Free Free
40800 AdWords Campaign 10,000 X X Free
50100 HTTPS 5,000 Free Free Free
60100 CMS 10,000 X X Free
60200 Blog 10,000 X X Free
70100 Updates 2,000 per update Within 5 Days Within 3 Days Within 1 Day
80100 Ecommerce 40,000 X X Free
80200 Cart Integration 50,000 X X Free
80300 HubSpot Integration 10,000 X X Y
80400 MailChimp Setup 10,000 X X Y
90100 Renewal Fee 10,000 20,000 50,000
Rs. 25,000 Rs. 60,000 Rs. 150,000
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* GSuite: Professional ad-free email that works with most email clients. Get 30GB of storage for all your files synced across devices. Create and edit documents to get your work done faster. Read More (GSuite)

** WordAds: Display advertisements are free with your Business Plan. You can earn money by showing relevant ads to your website visitors. Read More (WordAds)

UDSSL Basic Package

Start with UDSSL Basic Package and add features later as you require them. Use the contact page to request additional features.

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