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UDSSL website design helps your business grow by providing you with a blazing fast, fully responsive, highly reliable website which communicates all the key information about your business.

In 2013, almost 8 years back, UDSSL started as a random team of freelance web engineers, developers and designers. Since then we have become more organized and successfully completed a large number of website design projects. UDSSL web design has helped a lot of local and international businesses to achieve their website design objectives.


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Website Design Pricing and Packages

UDSSL website design services pricing and packaging are according to the features of and benefits you get from each package. The following elementary packages are here to serve the most common use cases. You can always get discounts if you are eligible as we are running promotional campaigns from time to time. If your needs and wants are different, please feel free to call or contact us directly.

Basic Packages

Web Starter

Get your unique domain name. (e.g. udssl.com). UDSSL helps you to select the domain name. +Domain name registration. Website design is strictly according to our CORE VALUES. Basic website design with HTTPS.

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Web Basic

Everything in Web Starter. +Basic Logo Design. You will be monitoring your website with Google Webmaster Tools. You can see how users are visiting and behaving on your site with Analytics.

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Web Social

Everything in Web Basic. +Social Media Setup and Essential Training. Social media MAUs* rapidly rising and your business needs to leverage the growing userbase in social media channels. Get your website design to align with the latest trends in the social media world. ( * MAU: Monthly Active Users)

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Standard and Ecommerce Packages

Web Standard

Everything in basic packages of 'Web Starter', 'Web Basic' and 'Web Social'. +First Digital Paid Media Campaign and Training. Let Google ads find the interested prospects for your business. +Facebook Ad Campaign and Training.

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Basic Ecommerce

Accept credit cards on the website. UDSSL website design will allow you to accept customer payments VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER. +Genie +Frimi +eZcash +mCash +Internet Banking. PCI DSS Compliant.

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Ecommerce Starter

Let UDSSL go above and beyond your expectations. We do everything you need to start e-commerce and accept payments online. Even business registration and bank account opening!

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Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!


UDSSL has been helping businesses grow since 2013. Among the many completed projects for the clients both local and international, the following sample of projects were chosen to reflect the scope of work UDSSL has done related to website design. You can always contact us and arrange a visit to discuss what we have done to others and what we can do for your business.

Admin Toolbar Project

Once you have a lot of content to be shared with your users, it is time to use a Content Management System (CMS). CMS gives you many benefits along the lines of managing your content.

UDSSL did some modifications to an existing CMS called WordPress in this project. Read more about this project below.

CMS Web Design
Facebook Like Gate Project

The client had a Facebook page. UDSSL project was to develop a Facebook App Feature that will allow people who liked their page to enter a sweepstakes program.

The users will be allowed to enter the program only if they liked the Facebook page. Read more about this project below.

Facebook API
HTML to CMS Project

Website design and website development are two different scopes of work. This client already had designs which their in-house designer had worked on. UDSSL's task was to adapt those website designs into actual websites. The above screenshot is from one of the projects we completed.

Website Translation Project

International business involves people who read and speak different languages. Presenting your website in their language becomes important. In this project, the client needed to develop functionality that enabled Website Translation.

If you are interested please click the link below to learn more about a translation work UDSSL completed.

Website Translation
Electronics Shop Project

An Australian computer repair shop needed to accept payments from their customers. UDSSL was able to integrate its Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) into its website. The complete website design was done by UDSSL.

Fund Raising Project

Online Fund-Raising. The website design had been already done when the client contacted UDSSL. We simply connected payment gateways and enabled accepting payments online.

Fund Raising
UDSSL Redux Project

Website design involves front-end technologies like React and Redux. React is a JS Lib for building user-facing interfaces and they are reusable across the entire website design. If your website design is complex then Redux can help you to manage the state of your website.

Read more about Modern Frontend Technologies like React and Redux in this project brief. Click the link below.

Redux, Jest, React
UDSSL Exp Tennis

'Exp Tennis' needed to revamp their existing website design. UDSSL extracted all the relevant details from their old website and created a website according to the new requirements.

Custom Website Design
UDSSL Time Tracker Project

Open Source Software grants you copyright to use, study, change and distribute the software and source code to anyone for any purpose. UDSSL's first open-source project, which is UDSSL Time Tracker, was released in 2013. To learn more, click the link below.

CMS Web Design


Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

Client Testimonials

Quickly build an effective pricing table for your potential customers with this Bootstrap example. It’s built with default Bootstrap components and utilities with little customization.

Featured Review
5 Star Review
Thanks for helping me automate an otherwise tedious process. By far the best I've hired for custom PHP work. (and I've tried quite a few firms over the years) - We will hire again without hesitation. Keep up the good work!

- Raymond T. from South Africa.

5 Star Review from Woobook Client

View Project

Featured Review
5 Star Review
Always a pleasure and pain-free process to work with UDSSL. More than a capable developer and always understands project requirements from the get-go. Will certainly continue to work in the future.

- Ben C. from United States.

5 Star Review from Ecommerce Client

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Featured Review
5 Star Review
Was a breeze working with UDSSL. Work was done flawlessly and communicated successfully throughout. We will definitely do work again!

- Chris S. from United States.

5 Star Review from Admin Menu Client

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Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

Core Values

The website design process at UDSSL essentially enshrines the UDSSL CORE VALUES. They are simple yet powerful enough to give you many benefits and advantages if implemented correctly.


SPEED: Website speed is a significant factor for user experience on your site. UDSSL blazing fast website designs delight users.



RESPONSIVE: Your website should look nice on each display size. Whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or TV, site layout and content should be adjusted accordingly. UDSSL website designs are always responsive.



RELIABILITY: When the user needs your website, it should be available. If it loads today and does not load in another day, then your site is not reliable. UDSSL uses highly reliable technologies.



KEY INFORMATION: When designing a website UDSSL makes sure that essential details of your business are present on the website. Users should be able to easily find the available information on your site quickly.

Key Info


Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

Social Media

With a large portion of the world's population online, social media attracts a lot of them. Your business can use social media channels to inform potential customers about your business. At UDSSL, we use almost all the popular social media channels to reach our customers. We highly encourage you to manage your social media channels properly and take advantage of the opportunity. Your website design should incorporate social media components to increase engagement to and from social media.


With over 2.7 billion MAUs *, Facebook is a must-channel for your business. Even though there is a trend that the younger crowd is turning to Instagram or TikTok, you should have a Facebook page for your business. * MAU: Monthly Active Users

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UDSSL Website design Facebook page


MAU: Over 1.2 billion. Continuously adding new features to the platform signals that it still has a long way to go. As a modern social media platform, Instagram attracts a lot of young crowds.

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UDSSL Website design Instagram page


Tweets live short lives. If you frequently update your tweets then it is easy to get in touch with the users. You can use Twitter to provide great customer service. Quickly reply to queries from the users.

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UDSSL Website design Twitter page


If you are into B2B, then the LinkedIn channel is a must. It is reported that recently LinkedIn use skyrocketed. The recent pandemic caused B2B audiences to get online more.

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UDSSL Website design LinkedIn page

Google My Business

GMB Profile is not just a listing on Google. With that, you get many other useful features and benefits for your business. You can use it to connect with your customers seamlessly across search and maps.

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UDSSL Website design Google My Business Profile


Your business videos can freely be hosted on YouTube. These days YouTube has become a search engine for videos. Incorporate YouTube into your marketing strategy as videos can be more attractive.

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UDSSL Website design YouTube Profile


Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

E-book on Website Design Case Study

To easily understand the UDSSL website design process, products and services, we have created a small booklet. Kamal is a construction business owner. This small booklet demonstrates what UDSSL website design can offer for Kamal and his business.


Case Study

Kamal came to UDSSL website design. Read more about what happened after with this small booklet. While this small booklet is not comprehensive about the process and products at UDSSL, it gives you an overview of how UDSSL can help your business grow.

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* Once you fill out the request form you will receive the confirmation email. After confirming your email address the e-book will be sent to your inbox.


Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

Choose Your Website Design

Your website represents your business (product or service) online. When choosing a website design make sure it accurately represents your business. What are your business brand values? These will serve as a starting point when choosing a website design. Each design feature should achieve a part of your overall marketing communication goals. UDSSL has a lot of ready-to-use website designs to choose from. While these turn-key website designs are a good start, it is recommended that you design from scratch once you reach the next level.

UDSSL State. First Example Website Design. You will like the design.

Replace some great background image for the first website design. Imagine a beautiful image + some exciting prose here.

Visit UDSSL State

UDSSL State Template

UDSSL Shift. Half Page Image. See for yourself.

Another UDSSL website design example. Of course, more placeholder content (The black space should be filled with some great image) here to give you an idea of how this layout would work for your business. With some actual real-world content in place, this website design could be yours.

Visit UDSSL Shift


Massive content. organized. Yes, Newspaper.

Read like a newspaper. Ideal to adapt as a classified advertisement website design. Go ahead and see the demo. Click the button below.

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UDSSL Newspaper

Direct your visitor. Call to Action. With UDSSL Directive.

Simple website design template site to match your value proposition. Direct to the contact form at the end.

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UDSSL Directive

Less is more. Simple Company.

Simple website design. Rich with infinite Carousel. Imagine with a large background filled with your business messaging.

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UDSSL Company

Better Solutions. For Your Business.

Yes, we are a talented engineers making websites for your business. This website design template is ideal for a tech business.

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UDSSL Business

And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

And yes, this is the last block of UDSSL example website designs. Again, not really intended to be an example design, simply here to give you a better view of how this kind of example websites would look like with some actual content. Your content. This one is our website (udssl.com).



Contact us today and tell us about your needs and wants. Let's discuss and get started!

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