WuBook Channel Manager

WuBook software facilitates you to manage the properties you want to rent. They can either be hotels, rooms, or houses. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then Zak is the way to go forward. WooDoo is a channel manager and a booking engine that you can connect with any type of software. UDSSL was able to integrate WooDoo into a content management system.


WuBook Rate Checker allows you to easily compare the prices of your properties with the competitors and industry.


WuBook Project Description

  1. Consume push requests from external channel managers to update booking engine.
  2. Call an HTML booking form and pass relevant fields.
  3. Create a shortcode for displaying the log details on a private page.
  4. Should be able to test the plugin component independently.


Successfully Completed

UDSSL completed the work on time and the client feedback was good.



Written by UDSSL